Market Pour Over

This is where our guest roaster program takes the front stage.  We receive coffee from our list of roasters and do a staff cupping.  Only the top ranking coffees ever make it onto the Quay Coffee menu.  We rotate our coffees every 4-6 weeks, depending on the lot size and our roaster. This coffee is hand brewed by our team to exact specifications that we determine while making adjustments to create the best cup of coffee every time.


Batch Brew

We choose this coffee the same way that we take time to choose our pour over coffees.  This coffee is meant to be a “people pleaser”.  It is a quick cup that is ready for you to take out the door or sit and sip in the shop.


Your Coffee

We know you have numerous great options for coffee in Kansas City which is why we want to make sure you enjoy your cup.  We have what you need, whether it is half and half or some simple syrup to sweeten it.  Its your cup, so enjoy and drink up.